Intro to this thing called WELLNESS…

What is wellness? What does it mean to be “well”?

Hmm, If you want the dictionary term:

1. The quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort.
2.An approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to emphasizing treating diseases.
Credit to the magical for helping me with that one.
My definition? Feeling good about yourself inside, keeping your body in a healthy state, eating what you KNOW is good for you, and encouraging others wellness efforts as well.
As usual, we all crave to live a long life… Every chance we get we scroll through articles on Facebook, looking for the magic food, pill, or drink to instantly fix our problems. The unfortunate truth is that there is no magical fruit, pill or liquid to fix the belly fat or add the weight, or lower the cholesterol.
The purpose of this blog is to give you realistic advice on a broad spectrum of health issues, and make it simple in a step by step form to follow. Take the stress out of getting healthy and put your foot down to magic pills and pushy program sellers. Take charge of your own wellness, and get ready to take notes… This is YOUR fitness, YOUR way.

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